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This owner went to Italy several times a year and deals carefully selected items. Everything is only goods the owner can recommend with confidence. Please try once.

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From the carefully selected ingredients, you can’t forget the cuisine of sticking once you eat it Please enjoy it.

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This Bottomi Plateau is a plateau resort area that has the best natural scenery in Japan. In addition to landscape spots such as Bandai Mountain, Hibara Lake, Goshikinuma etc. which is one hundred famous mountains in Japan, as well as mysterious lake groups and clear streams, plenty of charm of nature's scenic spots created by nature are gathered. Beautifully varied and varied in the vast woods and lakes and populations Bottom lord is familiar as an interaction base with people's rest and nature.

HIBARA Lake,Wakasagi fishing,Autumn leaves,GOSHIKINUMA, INAWASHIRO Lake,
NAKATSUGAWA gorge, BANDAI mountain climb Mountain

Inawashiro and Bandai located near the center of Fukushima Prefecture, which occupies the southern tip of the northeast. There is Bandai Mountain in the north, Inawashiro Lake boasting the fourth largest in Japan in the south, you can enjoy a lake bath, water sports, fishing etc. In the center of Bandai Asahi National Park, there are many ski resorts dotted in the southern foot of Bandai Mountain. Also, there are numerous sources, hot water that springs abundantly. Scenic attraction attracts people who visit, Inawashiro and Bandai that you can play regardless of the four seasons.